KBH Wealth Planning

Stop buying insurance for impact, 

and start using insurance for possibility.

Somewhere along the line, things got complicated.

As you've evolved, so has your need for professional advisory. From your first job, to your first home - your professional advisors play a fundamental role in reaching your goals. 

Although each of your professional advisors brings expertise and a unique perspective, the lack of centralized communication leads to missed opportunities. 

A new approach.

In the midst of the communication revolution, the majority of us have more questions than answers regarding where we are today, and how we will get to where we want to be tomorrow. We have our trusted advisors at our side, but without collaboration the answers we need remain siloed. 

We turn communication and collaboration into meaningful impact towards your goals.

Integrated advisory contributes to the success and overall objectives of our clients by transforming what were once complicated individual relationships into collaborative, innovative, and efficient teams. 

The focus of our core collaboration model is to integrate accounting, financial planning, investing and insurance, and is built on establishing clarity, delivering insight and executing strategies in partnership with an integrated team of highly skilled professional advisors.

What we do.



In general, the majority of us don't fully understand the insurance we have, let alone the opportunities it can create.


The obvious reason we have a lack of understanding is due to the fact that sitting down to discuss insurance just isn't something we want to do. 

Tax planning

Income replacement

Debt management

Charitable giving

Generational wealth transfer

Asset protection

Unrestricted health coverage


Attract & retain key employees

Funding of buy-sell agreement

Estate preservation

Solutions to complex problems.

What happens when you change the narrative? 

You solve your toughest challenges.


Make a fundamental difference in your life - its that simple.

Listing the benefits from specific insurance strategies is misleading, and that is exactly why most people have lost trust in the industry. The best way to fully understand how insurance can be used as an opportunity is to start a conversation about what you want to achieve.

now you know what you want to achieve next step.

Insurance audits uncover the challenges you have prepared for, and allow you to make confident best fit decisions based on what you want and need - not what you have. 

Theres a significant difference in the conversation of buying insurance, and reviewing for opportunity. 

Has your advisor met with you to discuss the opportunities to reach your goals and objectives through insurance strategies?

Insurance wasn't meant to be complicated, it's here to provide simple solutions to complex needs. 

Ask questions.

Working with WeathCo to meet the growing needs of our clients has opened doors to new investment opportunities, while continuing to hold the values that we share with our clients.  We have created a wholistic client experience that meets and exceeds traditional accounting and wealth planning needs.

Integrated Advisory is a wealth planning solution to help you reach your goals and objectives through a process that produces collaborative results.

The core focus is to integrate the areas of: Accounting, Financial Planning, Investing and Insurance, and is built on establishing clarity, delivering insight and executing strategies in collaboration with an integrated team of your professional advisors.

Will creating an integrated collaborative team of your trusted advisors bring value to reaching your goals and objectives for the future?


If the answer is yes, please feel free to start the conversation